We’ve helped thousands of trustees set up their SMSF with our quick and easy SMSF Setup service. 

What we Do

On the Consultation

Your Goals 

We will start the call with understanding your retirement goals and why you are considering an SMSF.

Understanding SMSF

We will answer all the questions you may have about starting an SMSF. We can cover anything from basic SMSF set up to more complex SMSF strategies. We will discuss with you your responsibilities as a trustee. 

Your Choice

After the consultation we can provide you with a clear understanding about the pros and cons of an SMSF in relation to your goals. There is absolutely no obligation to set up an SMSF. Whatever you decide, we are here to help.





Our Service

We will provide you a comprehensive SMSF Set up Kit with simple and clear instructions to follow. The kit will include a trust deed that is tailored to your requirements.

Additional steps are required to satisfy regulations and to commence the fund’s operations.

Our Fees

Our Standard fee for the SMSF Set up Kit  is $325 for Individual Trustees and $1250 for Corporate Trustees (this includes $512 ASIC fee required for registration) . See our Corporate Trustee Setup service page.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply call us on 1300 736 453 and our friendly staff will help you set up your SMSF.

If you are still thinking about SMSF, we encourage you to book a free consultation with our expert SMSF staff to find out if SMSF is right for you.




  • We will provide you with a comprehensive SMSF Set up Kit with simple and clear instructions to follow. The kit will include a trust deed that is tailored to your requirements. Additional steps are required to satisfy regulations and to commence the fund’s operations.
  • Order your Annual Administration service with us.


Contents of Your SMSF Set up Kit

Your SMSF Set up Kit includes

  • A checklist of all the steps you need to take to complete the fund set-up.
  • Your trust deed document, tailored to your needs. You or your nominated person(s) will sign it to commence the super fund.
  • Trustee Declarations, Statement of Consent to Appointment as Trustee, Employer Sponsorship (where applicable) and Application to become a Member of the fund.
  • SuperHelp’s “Guidelines for preparing Investment Strategy for SMSF”, along with a sample Investment Strategy document. These will help you create a strategy document appropriate for your own situation. You should contact a financial planner if you consider it appropriate.
  • Guides to inform you about the duties and responsibilities of a super fund trustee.
  • Proforma Minutes that you can use for recording your minutes.
  • Digital copy of your trust deed, Our “Guidelines for preparing Investment Strategy for SMSF” and Proforma Minutes.
  • A binder or Digital File for you to file all of the above.

Why is SMSF Set up so affordable at SuperHelp?

SuperHelp has been servicing the SMSF market for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an affordable SMSF service without compromising on quality. One of these services is to provide new members with setting up their SMSF at an affordable fee when they use our award winning service.

Do I need to use a specific bank, broker or provider?

Unlike other SMSF administrators and accountants we do not restrict you to what bank, broker or service provider you use. We are independent and do not take any commissions from other parties so that our clients can invest their super where they please.

How long has SuperHelp been around for?

SuperHelp have been around since 2002 - so over 15 years! While new SMSF administrators have come and gone, we are still around!

I'm not sure if I want to start an SMSF, what should I do?

Starting an SMSF should not be taken lightly, we encourage you to book a free SMSF consultation with one of our expert staff to find out if SMSF is right for you. You can book a suitable time here or feel free to give us a call on 1300 736 453 during business hours.

How much is your ongoing annual administration fees?

We pride ourselves on providing an affordable SMSF administration service without compromising on quality. Please see our fees page current pricing. SuperHelp Fees. You will find that our fees are very reasonable to the quality provided within the SMSF market.

Do you have an SMSF newsletter that I can sign up to?

Yes! We send out a quarterly SMSF newsletter to all of our clients and anyone interested in SMSF. You can sign up here :

Do you offer any other SMSF services?

Yes we do! You can see a full list of SMSF services at the bottom of our page.


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