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Do you have any SMSF specific advice or questions for the ATO?

SMSF specific advice is a written explanation of the Commissioner’s view on how the (super) laws apply, or would apply, to your SMSF in relation to a specific transaction or arrangement.

If you rely on SMSF specific advice you have received, the commissioner must administer the law in the way set out in the advice, unless the advice is found to be incorrect. While similar in form to a private ruling, SMSF specific advice is not legally binding on the Commissioner and does not have the same review rights as a private ruling. It will provide certainty on the application of the superannuation laws to your specific circumstances.

Supporting document required for SMSF specific advice can be found here:

Supporting Document Requirements for SMSF specific advice

What to include in your SMSF specific advice application can be found here:

How to apply for SMSF specific advice

Where to lodge the SMSF specific advice application form can be found here:

Where to lodge the SMSF specific advice application form

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