Set up Corporate Trustee

Our Service
Set up a new company as a Corporate Trustee of your DIY super fund.

This package includes

  • Consent to act as Director
  • Consent to act as Secretary
  • Application for shares
  • Minutes of a meeting of directors
  • Share Certificates
  • Consent to act as Public Officer
  • Notice of appointment of Public Officer
  • Constitution
  • Certificate of Registration

How to order
To set up your Corporate Trustee,

  • Download the order form. Click here to download the form. If you have difficulty downloading the form, contact us.
  • Fill in and sign the downloaded form. Information you provide in this form will be used to create your company. If you need help filling in the form, contact us.
  • Forward the signed order form to us. You can send the form by mail, email, or fax. Our contact details are on the order form.
  • Pay our fees of $800 (which includes $457 ASIC registration fee): You can use the following methods to pay.
    • Direct credit to our bank account. Click here for our bank details. Use your name or your SMSF name as the reference, so that we can reconcile our bank records. Send us a note to confirm your payment.
    • By Cheque: Enclose a cheque payable to “SuperHelp Australia Pty. Ltd.” with your order form.

$800 (includes ASIC registration fee of $457)