Audit Only Service

Our Service
Audit will be carried out by an independent auditor. You will be provided with the audit report after the completion of the audit. You must have completed the accounting reports to the required standards.

How to order
Please follow these simple steps to use our Audit Only Service –

  • Contact us, and we will send you a quote.
  • Sign the quote and return to us. Pay our fees. You can use the following methods to pay:
    • Direct credit to our bank account. Click here for our bank account detailsUse your name or your SMSF name as the reference, so that we can reconcile our bank records. Send us a note to confirm your payment.
    • By Cheque: Enclose a cheque payable to “SuperHelp Australia Pty. Ltd.” with your order form.
  • Follow the instructions we send you and forward copies of your documents. We will acknowledge receipt of your documents.
  • We will mail the Auditor’s Report along with all documents you sent us for the Audit Service such as Bank Statements, Trust Deed, invoices and any other financial statements.

Minimum $530. Covers up to 12 “Investments” and 2 members. Click here to calculate the fee that applies to your fund.

An “Investment” for calculating our fee is defined as –

  • Bank Account, Fixed Deposit, or Cash Management Account. Each account is treated as one investment
  • Australian Listed shares. Each ASX code is treated as one investment. If the shares (same ASX code) are traded, every two sale transactions will be treated as one investment.
  • Managed Funds. Each fund is treated as one investment.
  • Real Estate. Each property (self managed or externally managed) is treated as three (3) investments.
  • Instalment Warrant (Shares / Options). Each warrant is treated as three (3) investments.
  • Property Warrant (Property with a loan). Each property warrant is treated as eight (8) investments.

Additional investments and other conditions attract the following fees –

Description Cost (incl. GST)
Additional Investment $10 per investment
3rd and 4th fund members $50 per member
Fund paying a pension $50 per pension member
Fund registered for GST $50

Click here to calculate the fee that applies to your fund.
For investments not listed above or if you have a special situation, contact us.

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